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Book Review: Dewitched, by Tim BakerBy Ruth Robinson

“I’ve never really been a Wiccan,” he said, “but I’ve had this dance around it.”

Dear Ms. Robinson,

I am sure Mr. Baker means well, but religious belief is a matter of opinion and I have found very few people outside a religion can ever explain correctly anyhing about a religion they have never taken part in. I have found this to be true even of people considered to be religious scholars. This is even more so true of a non dogmatic religion like Wicca.

Now I have the good fortune to have practiced Wicca for twenty-one years and have practical expereince withthe results of practice, not just something that I read out of some book, be it of a Wiccan author or a Christian one.

“Just as striking as Baker’s compassionate honesty in his presentation is his uncompromising, yet kind stand against the false beliefs of Wicca and Satanism.” Hardly and unbiased approach to Wicca. As a Wiccan I would never think to ever consider anyone elses religion to be a false religion, just as I would never think to try to press my own on someone else.

“He also does not hesitate to point out the errors of Wicca and Satanism. Wiccans and Satanists are in desperate need of the example of the followers of Christ to show them the way, the truth and the life.” Doesn’t he ever realize that believer in each religion consider their believfs to be the truth at least for theirselves . There are many truths as there many people and clutures and needs. No one religion will work for all people and none has successffully in the history of religion.

“The story is a living portrayal of witchcraft sneaking in and corrupting the church,” Baker said. “I want [the readers] to see this happens all the time in churches.”

I do wonder why some people seem to made a bit pschotic in their fear of other religions. Now no Wiccans I know ,and I know a good many hundreds over the years, has any interest in interferring with Christianity. Any problems in Christinity will come from within the religion though various inter denominational infighting, more often then from without. I can assure you that unlike the big three religions most religions in this world do not have this psychotic view of other religions, which are mostly harmless to each other. Christianity has survived a good long time, and I am certain it will still be around in my next reincarnation.

Christopher Blackwell

Deming, New Mexico

By the way e-mil is the best way to contact me as like most Wiccans I am very fond of the Internet, so it is usually impossible to reach me any other way.

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