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Based on a true story, “Moneyball” tells the story of Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) and his prodigy Peter Brand (Jonah Hill). This terrific twosome take the Oakland A’s, an unknown and low-budget baseball team, and help them make a return to the playoffs after losing to the Yankees in October 2001.

Beane, the central character in this film, is the General Manger of a well-established baseball club. In a risky business move, Beane decides to take advice from Brand’s statistic-based prediction software, trading away his big-name, high-salary players like Jason Giambi. He ignores the well-established veterans of the game, even though many are on his coaching staff. At times, he goes so far as to trade players just hours before the game starts.

Beane receives his share of criticism for these decisions, but they ultimately prove themselves sound when his team sets an MLB record.

Sure to become a classic baseball movie, “Moneyball” is both entertaining and heartwarming, full of laughs and touching moments.

The truth at the heart of the story is how money is not everything. In his record-setting season, Beane focuses on what is most important in a player. He believes that instilling confidence in an underdog can make him an incredible team player.

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