MLB Playoff Races Heat Up

This season has been one of the most exciting baseball seasons in recent history. Is it because of the extra wild card that has induced heated battles in both the American and National League? Or is it the recent surges of teams who are down-and-out of the playoff race, such as the Brewers and the Phillies. Personally, this season has been exciting because of underdog teams, like the Athletics, the Pirates and the Orioles, wowing everyone who had low expectations of them. Go O’s! If the regular season is any indicator, one should expect an exciting October.

The home team, Philadelphia Phillies, have had a bumpy season. After a disappointing first half of the season, which saw stars such as Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Roy Holladay on the disabled list, the “fightin’ Phils” have been on a surge as of late. It’s still unlikely that they have the offence or the pitching staff that will bring a championship back to Philadelphia, but they definitely are not out of the season yet.

As mentioned before, the addition of an extra wild card team has made the playoff races more interesting than they’ve ever been. This year, two teams will make the playoffs as a wild card team instead of one. Those two teams will then play one “winner take all” playoff game. This means that each team will try extra hard to win their division this year, because no team would want to play in that intense “winner take all” situation.

In the American League, no clear favorite to represent the league in the World Series has emerged. The Yankees and Rangers are good, as they are every year, but they are by no means unbeatable. The White Sox, Rays, Tigers, Athletics, Angels, and Orioles are all capable of winning the American League. Come the end of the season, I predict Rangers or Orioles winning the American League.

In the National League, the Reds and Nationals are clearly the teams to beat. I would be surprised if one of those two teams did not make it to the World Series. The teams that will give them the most trouble will be the Cardinals and Giants for the same reason; those teams have experience. They have both won the last two championships, they have been in this position before and they know what it takes to win.
The Pirates, Athletics, White Sox and Orioles are teams that no one thought would be contending for a playoff spot this year. All four teams are well within reach of postseason victories. This goes to show what determined, dedicated players and a good coach can do.

I am anticipating one entertaining month of October! Finally, for all the Phillies fans, the season may look dim, but the season is not over. It could be worse! The team could be the Astros.

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