Misguided Maintenance

Last month, a piece of the ceiling in Walton Hall fell and concerns have now surfaced.

Though many of the buildings on campus date back to the early 1900s, the maintenance of these buildings has been neglected lately.

Since Walton was built back in 1912, I feel proper attention for keeping the building intact and safe for students is a necessity.

 According to Carl Altomare, executive director of campus services, depending on the weather and how severe the conditions are throughout the year, utilities alone can cost up to $1 million.

As you can see, a lot of money goes into keeping the buildings safe for the students. However, since many of the buildings are older, it is difficult to continue to maintain them.
It is nonetheless important for the buildings on campus to be updated and safe for students to be in. If pieces are falling from the ceilings in certain buildings, more attention should be given to make those older buildings more durable.

 It is extremely important to create a safe environment in which students can learn, live and study.

Maintenance needs to  focus on repairing the older buildings and parts of buildings that need the most attention (for example the ceiling in the Walton Hall) and then, after those things are fixed, they can update and upgrade around campus.

 Not every building has to be new and improved, but all buildings should be safe and reliable.

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