Michael Dorsch in goal

“Eastern rebounds with 3-0 win at Immaculata.”

“Eagles down Neumann 8-0 as seven players score.”

“Eagles beat Widener 6-0 in opening game of Swarthmore tournament.”

These headlines, according to Eastern’s website, indicate shut- out wins for the men’s soccer team. Why? It was because star-athlete and goalkeeper for the Eastern Eagles, Michael Dorsch, did not let anyone score on him.

Off the field, Dorsch is a normal guy. He attends classes for his major in accounting and finance, works as a landscaper, has a girlfriend who is dear to his heart and much more. He says he is God-loving, kind, honest, loyal and trustworthy among other things.

But on the field, Dorsch is a different person.

“Soccer really gets my blood pumping,” Dorsch says. “I put in 110 percent every game and try my hardest to never let up a goal.”

Dorsch grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. Throughout high school, he played on his soccer team as goalkeeper.

After Dorsch’s senior year in high school, he began training to play for Eastern. He worked hard, trained vigorously and never gave up in his pursuit to become the next great goalkeeper for Eastern.

Dorsch’s first year playing for Eastern was uneventful, because he was not the starting goalkeeper for the team. With his hard work and dedication to the team, however, he managed to obtain the starting goalkeeper position this year.

His shut-outs are evidence that Dorsch belongs in the goalkeeper position for Eastern. He tries his hardest to never let up a point and is successful most of the time.

“I don’t like to see the other team score! So I don’t let them,” Dorsch said with a smile.

What will Dorsch do after his soccer career at Eastern?

When asked if he plans to pursuing soccer further after his college career, he said, “That would be amazing, but no.”

After college, Dorsch plans to take over a portion of his father’s distribution business, focusing on the accounting aspect of the job.

So watch out, future competition, because Dorsch is coming. And he is not letting anyone score on him.

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