Men’s tennis works hard, sets personal goals

The 2006 season is here, and men’s tennis is eager to take on another year.

Seven players and two coaches have prepared a season full of challenges.

“Our team may be small in numbers, but they’re big in spirit,” head coach David Storms said.

Their season has yet to start but is rapidly approaching. Upon their return from mid-semester break, these men are working vigorously to obtain their technique and get on the court to win their matches.

One player, first year Joshua Riggs said, “It’s a little too early to tell, but through two-to-three weeks of practice that I have endured, it looks as though things are doing quite well.”

The men are anticipating a fairly well-played season, with the majority of the team being veteran leadership.

Positive communication is key to these players; although they may practice with teammates during the week, it’s all solo work once you actually step foot onto the court.

“Our focus is on working hard this season so each player achieves their own personal goal and leaves here with satisfaction in their performance,” Storms stated.

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