Local restaurant is dog-gone good

Located approximately a mile from campus on Lancaster Avenue, the White Dog Cafe brings elegance and good taste to the town of Wayne.

I entered the restaurant with plans to have dinner. The interior is polished and cultured, a perfect fit with the ritzy atmosphere of the area. The tables, while varying in sizes, are all adorned with fine silk table cloths, wine glasses and a complete table setting for each customer. And, most noticeably, the dog theme goes beyond the restaurant’s name. Every wall is adorned with old-fashioned paintings of dogs, with dozens of different breeds represented.

My favorite part of the dining experience was the very down-to-earth waitress named Natalie. She told me that she was a teacher by day and waitress by night. She related to me as a friend, collegue and equal. Throughout my meal, she managed to remain both busy and friendly at the same time.

The food is locally grown and made, coming from nearby farms and bakeries. Because of this distinction, the menu is constantly changing, depending on what is growing at the time. The furniture is also local, having been hand-crafted by regional artisans.

White Dog Cafe’s prices are a bit steep, but they are well worth it if, for instance, you want to impress a date.

I had a full meal: a glass of locally brewed beer, a London Broil steak and even a slice of Tiramisu for dessert. The price tag was a reflection of the top-notch service, the high-quality food and an all-around fantastic experience.

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