Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

With the changing leaves and the cooling temperature, it is no secret that it’s fall. People are bundling up and ditching their Mocha Java Blast’s for hot apple cider.

For most, it is a time to enjoy the slight break before it snows and to prepare for the holidays. For me, it is a time to buy a spare set of crutches and to avoid the debris everyone else tracked indoors.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall, but generally the change in season means that I am at a higher risk for injury.

When I am asked about my ability to deal with inclement weather, I tell people that it’s not the outdoors but the inside that’s a problem. During the fall season, people track leaves, dirt and what I can only describe as mud blocks inside. These are the things I trip over when I enter McInnis behind you.

Here is my plea: please stop. Take the time to wipe off your Uggs and Timberlands on the carpets that were placed in the doorways for that specific reason. This is a bad economy and I cannot afford to spend more time in the hospital than in the classroom.

                                -Imani Barbarin

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