Letter to the editor

Dear Waltonian,


There is no arguing that members of Radnor Township have an issue with Eastern University and attempt to hold us back from progress. However, I believe it is safe to say that is not the norm. Many local families employ Eastern students to baby-sit or walk dogs during the school year, and we have earned a reputation of being reliable and pleasant people. Those who are against us worry that we are an expanding institution who will change the face of the neighborhood–not an unreasonable fear. Instead of griping behind our hands about how hated we are, let’s do something about it. As we speak, a club committed to community outreach is in the works. Our aim is to show respect, love and support to our neighbors and encourage positive relationships within our community. So the next time you see someone walking his or her dog on campus, share a smile and say hello. Let’s love our neighbors as ourselves, and like our good friend Mister Rodgers always sang, “Please, won’t you be my neighbor?”




                            Kristin Pszwaro, Junior

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