Letter to the editor

Dear Waltonian,


I was saddened by the anonymous article in the Opinions section of the Oct. 13 issue of your paper, which dealt with the Westboro Baptist Church.  This well written article raised a question about whether or not Evangelicals who raise opposition to the proclamation of hate against gays by Fred Phelps and his followers are being “anti-incarnational” and misrepresenting Jesus.

I believe that standing against religious leaders who, according to Matthew 23:4b, “lay heavy burdens on others but do nothing to lift those burdens,” is exactly what Jesus would do.  Fred Phelps created a burden of sorrow for the parents of a dead soldier, and did nothing to relieve that sorrow.  Those who protest the dehumanization of others by those who promote the hatred of gays and hurt the grieving parents of casualties of war, are, I think, properly incarnating our Lord.  But then, I could be wrong.

Finally, I question whether our school paper should publish anonymous letters and articles.  Persons should be held accountable for public declarations.




                            Tony Campolo

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