Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Refuge acknowledges and affirms the concerns and questions that have arisen since the dialogue of Tony and Peggy Campolo on Sept. 9, 2009. Homosexuality is a topic that is not easily discussed, especially when searching through Biblical texts.

In response to the two Waltonian articles about this Refuge-sponsored event, we want to share and clarify how we articulate and discern our beliefs in regards to homosexuality.

When approaching this discussion, we join with those who seek truth in the word of Christ, even if our perspectives clash. This is the purpose of Refuge: to open a dialogue within the Eastern community on a topic that holds much pain, anger, confusion and hatred within the church.

 As Refuge, a group on campus that openly affirms the identity and value of every individual, we seek a healthy conversation between students, grounded in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. This is why the Campolo presentation was a dialogue and not a debate.

Although many believe that a homosexual orientation or homosexual behavior is not to be affirmed by Christians, we believe that the love of God must not be undermined. We cannot fully calculate or understand the greatness of God’s love, as it surpasses all human comprehension.

We do not have the authority to choose to which individuals Christ’s love is to be allocated, for that would result in limiting the power and complexity of God—the creator of every atom of the universe.

Many may view our interpretation of scripture as propagating our personal agendas, but it is our sincere goal to merely attempt to comprehend the overall purpose and meaning of each scripture as it pertains to our human relationships.

When going before the LORD, we must go in humility, for we do not contain all knowledge and could very well be interpreting incorrectly. This was a key point of the Campolo dialogue: the ability to humbly remember, “I could be wrong.”

Carolyn Sharp states, “I find it astonishing that we dare read at all, that we are not paralyzed by the weight of it, terrified by the risk of missed opportunity and the threat of misunderstanding every time we approach the word of God.”

With the Campolo dialogue, Refuge offered this beginning of a conversation, and we ask that it will continue. Walking in an authentic relationship with God requires us to yearn to understand all people, not just the people who keep us comfortable.

It is a blessing to have a place like Eastern that allows healthy dialogues to occur between differing perspectives. Although we may have differences in theology or politics, let us not forget that we are united by the blood and grace of Jesus Christ.

Debate is not the goal. We are working to dialogue and to understand in love.

      -The Refuge Community

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