Lecturer Paul Felker joins EU staff

A humble spirit, a wise mind and a strong passion to help others are just some of the many qualities that make Paul Felker an incredible addition to Eastern’s community of committed educators.

For Felker, being at Eastern is more than just a professional career: it is an opportunity to grow in new and significant ways.

As a devoted educator in the Social Work Department, Felker takes pride in teaching his students not only the essentials of social work, but also in providing them with an understanding and zeal that goes beyond the everyday information in textbooks. And so far, his experiences with his students have been incredibly gratifying.

“I’m amazed by such bright, committed students who could do anything,” Felker said.

Felker explains that it has been rewarding to be able to contribute to his students’ professional development and educational growth.

However, Felker’s dedication to Eastern began some years ago when he too was a student studying at the university. When asked what drew him to Eastern’s Social Work program, with no hesitation he  credits its respected curriculum and great placement rate in the work field, as well as the program’s overall excellence.

Felker also confides that when he graduated from Eastern in 1991, he walked away with more than just a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work: he had grown spiritually in ways that he never imagined, an experience in which he is very grateful.

Before coming back to teach as an adjunct professor in 2004, Felker was a grief and trauma counselor in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Hershey Medical Center, a career that he believes allows him to “bring real life situations to the students.”

When it comes to the aspirations that he has for students, Felker said, “I hope they will be infused with a passion to help.”

Now a full-time educator, Felker is also earning his PhD at Widener University, where he also received his Master’s Degree. The married father of 22-month-old twins, Toby and Isabella, is most certainly enjoying his experience  at Eastern and is looking forward to the promising journey ahead.

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