Labor Day trips mix perfect weather with lots of fun, food, water

Ocean City, NJ:

The sublime weather seemed like a miracle on Labor Day. It was as though God himself parted the clouds and allowed the sun to finally shine through after nothing but rain for days.

This relief from the rain was welcomed by the Eastern community and greatly appreciated by all those who went on the Labor Day trips, sponsored by the Student Activities Board.

At 8 a.m., the Ocean City group gathered in the gym parking lot. By 8:20 a.m. disappointment came full throttle.

According to SAB chair Erin Welding, 48 people signed up for the trip. On Labor Day, only 11 showed up.

“SAB tries to pick fun and interesting places to go; I just wish that everyone who signs up to go actually shows up in the morning,” Welding said.

For the 11 students who got out of bed, the day turned out to be picture perfect beach weather. Not a single cloud could be found in the sky.

Even with the amazing weather on Labor Day, lying on the beach taking in the sun was not the only event that occupied the group’s time at Ocean City, NJ.

The water for instance, under the strong rays of the sun, felt incredible. Some traveled far out into the water and had fun trying to swim against the fierce undercurrent.

With all that fun in the sun, a trip to Mack and Manco’s pizza shop and the Kohr Brothers’ ice cream shop was necessary. Some ended the day with good, old-fashioned arcade games.

When asked if they enjoyed the trip students unanimously answered yes, and expressed a desire to go again next year.

The only thing these students wished was that more people had participated, for an escape from the rain is not as enjoyable without the smiling faces of friends.

Camden Aquarium:

The weather was perfect on Labor Day, but about 30 students chose to remain inside, and underwater.

For only $4, the Camden Aquarium trip sponsored by SAB, was a deal many found hard to turn down. Some people who had not signed up for vans arrived hoping to find a spot.

The aquarium offered lots of watery wonders for the group to see, ranging from beautiful fish to huge sea turtles and sting rays to tiny sea horses. Visitors even had the option of stopping by a small pool to touch little sharks and stingrays.

Most of the group saw nearly everything, although the sharks seemed to be one of the more popular displays for the students. The only downfall were steep prices in the cafeteria and expensive gift shop.

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