Kea-Guffin becomes champion of first annual Powderpuff Super Bowl

The first official Super Bowl for the Powder Puff Football League took place Oct.29.

Sophomore Brittany O’Neal pointed out that it was nice to have people cheering them on; it makes the game more fun and keeps the players motivated.

Kea-Guffin, the winner of the Super Bowl, was awarded a trophy that will be passed around for years to come.

Kea-Guffin beat NCH-Hainer by a score of 28-14.

The league was started at the beginning of this year by O’Neal.

For their first season, she said that there has been a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

“It gives people something to care about,” she said. The coaches as well as the players share in the excitement.

First-year student Kate Illian said, “It’s giving you something else to do besides work.”

“Whenever you start something new, it will be a little messy,” O’Neal said concerning the start of the football league.

The commitment has not been as strong as she had hoped, but said that is understandable, because this is the first year of the league.

The league has given many girls, not just first-years, a chance to meet new people and make new friends.

“I would definitely do it next year, I really enjoyed it,” first-year Michelle Catzman said.

O’Neal encouraged all Eastern girls to play. She said that as the years go on, they will get more and more organized.

Next year they plan to have scoreboards, shirts and official referees.

Overall, it has been a good season so far. Short, but good.

“It’s exciting to see something you have an idea for come alive,” O’Neal said.

Sign-ups for next year’s Powder Puff season are in the spring, all are welcome and all are encouraged to play.

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