KaGe {cage}

In addition to Jammin’ Java and the Breezeway, KaGe is soon going to be a popular spot for students. KaGe (pronounced cage) is the name of the former Guffin apartment being turned into a student hangout place.

The news about the Guffin apartment came as a shock to students last semester and left some disappointed.

“I was hoping my senior year would end with a bang in the Guffin apartment with my best friends but that didn’t work out like I planned,” senior Alyssa Miller said.

Disappointed students like Miller and many others are wondering if the management has started to work on the vague plans they mentioned last semester. Paul Daigle, the Coordinator of Student Activities  answered that question with a resounding “Yes.”

 “We have definitely started to work on the plans, and the tentative opening day will be (Sept. 18) the weekend of Dia Del Este,” Daigle said excitedly.

Daigle feels that the students will love what is planned for KaGe.  “We will have Wii, Xbox 360, air hockey, foosball, a flat screen TV and discounted movie tickets available to the students in KaGe,” Daigle said. “A used pool table is also on its way to fill the space in the TV room in the Breezeway.”

Since the apartment is close to the Breezeway and is expected to attract a large number of students, Daigle also hopes that the Breezeway hours expand.
In addition, the apartment’s open kitchen is likely to be an attraction for students who enjoy baking and cooking.

“It is also the first kitchen with a stove top on campus available to students,” Daigle said.
There was talk about bringing down the wall of the apartment but, according to Daigle, that will not happen.

“We decided to keep the walls because of structural reasons, and also we think students can paint on the wall,” Daigle said. “Our hope is to have KaGe open from noon to midnight, seven days a week.”

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