K.O.P mall’s Forever 21 revamped

Shopping malls go through a variety of changes. New stores are added while old ones disappear. Sometimes stores simply change location or get updated. However, these changes can be positive.

That’s the case with the Forever 21 in the King of Prussia mall. As you may have heard or noticed, Forever 21 has relocated to another location in the mall.

The store is huge. Upon first glance, it is hard to take it all in, especially since you can see into the store from the outside; floor to ceiling glass windows enclose the two-story space. The different sections are labeled accordingly so things aren’t too confusing as you walk in. However, you may feel the need to wander a bit the first time you go in to get your bearings.

The first floor is comprised of clothing, shoes, and accessories. One of the new updates included adding a men’s and kid’s section. The store still sells mostly women’s clothing, and these new sections don’t house a lot of options.

Forever 21 always had a good selection of accessories, but they have made it even better. There is now an accessory room. Let that sink in. The walls inside the room are lined with hats, scarves and jewelry. The tables also contain enormous amounts of jewelry. You’ll need a few hours to shop just in this section alone.

If you wish to head upstairs, there are escalators in the middle to take you even further into the vast array of fashion. This floor mostly consists of women’s clothing. The clothes range from dressy to casual, with a plus size section on the left side. There is also a makeup section, as well as other accessories.

This update has brought a lot of good changes. Before these updates, Forever 21 always felt cluttered, but now everything is organized and one can move about more freely. Overall, they made a wise decision to revamp the store. Next time you’re at the mall, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

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