Just go see “Just Go With It”

I have always been a slightly bashful Adam Sandler fan. Although his movies rarely require your brain to be fully engaged in order to watch them, they always supply plenty of belly laughs and an “aw” feeling. I have rarely felt that his films were a waste of time or money and “Just Go With It,” which hit theaters Feb. 11, was no exception.

The movie features Sandler as Danny, a plastic surgeon trying to win over the affection of a 23-year-old schoolteacher and, in doing so, finds himself caught in a web of lies. He employs the help of his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), asking her to pretend to be his ex-wife.

Through several twists and turns, Danny, Katherine and his new love interest end up vacationing in Hawaii together along with Katherine’s two children. The trip is full of even bigger surprises when Danny’s cousin (Nick Swardson) decides to come along. The plot thickens again when Katherine runs into her rival from college (Nicole Kidman).

I barely noticed the predictability of the ending because I was enchanted not only by the likable main characters, but also the children’s performances and the surprisingly original premise of the movie.

Despite being somewhat annoyed by a few over-the-top scenes and some cheap slapstick moments, I found myself laughing out loud during several parts of this film and I left the theater with that satisfied and longing feeling that only romantic comedies can give you.

“Just Go With It” was a pleasant two-hour escape from reality. Although it certainly was not a movie I will be thinking about for days, I would recommend it if you are looking for something to make you feel good, laugh a little and remember that you always find love in the last (and yet most obvious) place you expected.

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