Julia’s Grace: A foundation joins Eastern to watch Women’s and Mens’s Soccer games.

The Julia Grace Foundation is a nonprofit organization that symbolizes the braveness of an eight-year-old Julia Grace Eveland. While having a Wilm’s Tumor, a form of childhood kidney cancer, she helped others during her treatment. 

She donated her birthday gifts to the oncology clinic, and from there, asked school fundraisers to enable doctors to find a cure for childhood cancer. Sadly, Julia passed away in September 2013. However, she is known to many as someone who put other’s first, and this foundation still follows her goal to make other’s feel happy through tough times.

On October 16, Enactus and the Eastern’s Athletic Department hosted Julia’s Grace Day during the Women’s and Men’s soccer games against Messiah. As a result, the Julia’s Grace Foundation could sell t-shirts and spread awareness of its mission to fans during halftime. Being there and hearing about their mission meant a lot as it focuses on childhood cancer. 

Childhood cancer is a common issue in today’s world, causing a struggle within families to bear news of their children having cancer. Julia Grace wants to make life normal for those in need and provide “hugs” to those during the process. 

Seeing the athletes and coaches wear Julia’s shirts connected us. We might have lost the games, but it was a sight to see as this moment bigger than sports.

Suppose you’re interested in donating or buying merchandise to the foundation look at the top of the page on their website juliasgracefoundation.org. With their click donate button, you can choose to either donate once, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Merchandise is next to their donations, so feel free to buy a shirt to support the cause. Lastly, if you want to follow their Facebook “Julia’s Grace Foundation” to view their movements. 

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