It is Too Early to Celebrate Christmas: And here’s why?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and everyone is excited to get to it. When you walk into stores they have their Christmas decorations up and their holiday themed clothes out for people to buy. The lights, the songs, the decorations and the food is what makes Christmas so special. However, once it hits Nov. people are too eager to celebrate it. Christmas should be celebrated right after Thanksgiving because celebrating it too early will make it less magical. 

People skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving to get to Christmas because they are impatient and want their favorite holiday to come right away. Halloween and Thanksgiving are their own holidays that need to be celebrated. They have their designated days and to skip over it would be sacrilegious. I think that skipping over Thanksgiving and straight into Christmas takes away from the magic of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family and the things we are thankful for. I think it is good to have a day where you are thankful for all the things in life,  and celebrating Christmas in Nov. takes away from that. Yes, Christmas can be a family oriented holiday but it can distract from all the things people have and take for granted. Both holidays are great and each has amazing food but Christmas has a whole month dedicated to it (and sometimes the beginning of Jan.)  

Thanksgiving and Halloween have one day and they should be celebrated, not skipped over because Christmas is right around the corner. 

If we continue to skip right to Christmas, it will take away the charm of the holiday. It is something we look forward to because it is not celebrated early. Celebrating Christmas early will make it boring because we are used to it and we will want something else to look forward to and celebrate instead of Christmas. That is why we should celebrate the holidays before Christmas to make it special and not just another holiday.

The Christmas celebration should begin the day after Thanksgiving. That is when the decorations and the Christmas music can start playing. Once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas can start. Both Halloween and Thanksgiving have been celebrated, so naturally Christmas can start and the prep for gifts and holiday activities can begin

People love to rush through life and get to the good parts but that takes away from the good things happening now. Christmas is a great time but so is Thanksgiving and Halloween. It is okay to start getting decorations and buying gifts but to start decorating and listening to Christmas music is taking it too far. There needs to be a balance between Christmas celebrations and Thanksgiving celebrations. 

That balance is midnight on Thanksgiving day. That is when Christmas can be celebrated. Not sooner and not later. I think it is way too early to celebrate Christmas and that we need to be patient and celebrate the holidays that come before it so that Christmas can be more magical and not ruin the Christmas spirit.

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