The Art of Cooking: A student explains the benefits and pleasures of cooking.

Cooking is an art that encompasses the world. It requires passion, precision, and most of all, love. The culinary arts are a complex mixture of balancing a variety of tastes and aromas, combined with beautiful plating. Cooking allows the artistic side of anyone to come alive. Cooking is an essential skill that all people should know how to do on a basic level. Whether it is a simple breakfast of cereal or a complex five-course dinner, cooking will always be a relevant skill. Preparing and then sharing meals is also a great way to bond and grow relationships. The dinner table hosts a multitude of conversations. Many bonds are formed over good food. Enjoying food with another person is an amazing way to get to know them as well as a way to find out about their interests. 

Some of the benefits of cooking are nutrition, saving money, and learning an essential skill. Quality of cooking is important for nutrition as well as the proper mixture of vegetables, proteins, grains, and fats. Learning how to cook is also not a time-consuming skill to learn. In all honesty, if you know how to read and follow directions, you could likely do a great impression of Gordon Ramsey. Following a few recipes is a great gateway into learning about cooking styles and how to mix flavors together to create a dish. Saving money is essential to life; many people often spend a lot of money by ordering food from restaurants. By grocery shopping and prepping meals, you will be able to save a lot of money that would have gone to restaurants. Meals are going to be more cost-efficient and could also boost morale as a completed task.

Cooking plays a large part in mental health and psychology. Cooking and baking are considered therapeutic because they are “behavioral activations” (Conner et al., 2016). Daily creative activities have been shown to boost happiness in people. Cooking not only boosts mental health, but it plays a part in boosting self-esteem and helps with focusing. The busy work that it takes to cook allows many people peace of mind and is a stress reliever. 

Cooking is an art that transcends basic nutrition and becomes an art form. Cooks can dress a plate with vibrant colors and an assortment of flavors and aromas. TV shows like “Iron Chef” and “Chopped” take various chefs from across the country and judge their ability to make quality food, but also judge on their presentation. The presentation of food is another aspect that makes cooking enjoyable. Presentation aids in making the food’s aesthetic more desirable and enjoyable. 

Cooking has been a lifelong art that has many beneficial effects. Cooking can be used to bring people together for the sake of enjoying food. Cooking is the mediator for a lot of relationships and is often a setting for people to converse. By learning to cook, you can save money and create quality meals. The art of cooking is the many aspects it has in daily life as well as the joy it brings to those it touches.

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