Introducing the new RDs of NCH & Eagle

Curious about the new RD of NCH, the Waltonian caught up with him one morning during his busy, pre-semester schedule to get to know him a little better.

Calvin Skinner

Calvin Skinner, who grew up in Tennessee, said that, “Eastern has been on the radar since college.” While earning his Master degree in Divinity at Palmer Theological Seminary, he came to lift weights at the St. Davids campus and fell in love with the atmosphere of the place.

However, he did not join Eastern’s community immediately. After graduating in 2006, Skinner spent a year as the program director of Brotherly Love Urban Youth Services in Philadelphia. There, he worked with youth and young adults, following his passion of supporting “educational advocacy within the urban setting.”

Skinner hopes to continue that work during his time in St. Davids as well. Aside from being an RD at NCH, he will also be working in the Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support as an ACT 101 Counselor, providing academic support to those students on campus who have demonstrated a need for it.

“I’m about students,” he said, “so feel free to come talk to me in my office or at my residence hall.”

It is not hard to see that Skinner has some less serious interests too. When asked what a student would most likely see when visiting him at his apartment he said with a laugh, “Boxes!” But once Skinner is done unpacking, he’ll display lots of his own photography, especially portraits of family and friends. And then, of course, there is his Playstation 2.

What is Skinner’s goal for the year? “I’ve heard things about NCH,” he said. “The thing I want to focus on is creating a community that is proud they are [residents of] NCH.”

Kelechi Ekeh

Amid the chaos of Eagle Hall’s recent opening, new RD Kelechi Ekeh has been enjoying the company of her RA staff. Despite the fact that they were only able to move into the dorm a few days before the incoming first-years, Ekeh has appreciated the experience. “It’s been a blessing though it’s been challenging,” she said. “I feel my staff and I have really pulled together over this. I feel blessed to be working with them.”

Ekeh, who spent most of her childhood in California with a mom who was a professor, has always enjoyed the college atmosphere. “I kind of always knew that I would work at a college campus,” she said. “[I wanted to help] students develop through their faith, not just professionally.”

She eventually left California to become an English major at James Madison University in Virginia. Ekeh then went on to earn her master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology at Temple University in 2003.

Her experiences with working in residence life at Temple and again as a therapist at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia have prepared Ekeh for her role at Eastern. Aside from overseeing Eagle Hall, Ekeh will be the Student Activities Assistant.

“Paramount to me is [the students’] spiritual health,” she said. “[I want] to cultivate and provide a place where students can live in community and grow in Christ and grow in fellowship with other Christians.”

Kelechi went on to explain that she would like her RAs to be “real, authentic and transparent.” She feels that Christians tend to hide things and it is therefore important to create a spirit of accountability.

And what does Ekeh do when she’s away from her campus duties? Well, she reads a lot. Her current choice is The Fatal Conceit by F.A. Hayek. “I’m always talking about books!” she said.

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