Inclement weather shuttle service to McInnis opens for business

Eastern University Security has added a security van to its lot to provide the commuting community with safe passage from the Heritage Lot to the main campus when the McInnis lots are full and inclement weather comes. “There is a wide spectrum of people when it comes to the weather,” campus security director John Sheehan said.

“There are members of the Eastern community who will walk without a problem in a foot of snow. There are others who panic at the sight of one flake,” he said.

The security officers will keep an eye out when bad weather does pay a visit to Eastern. If they feel that there is enough snow to send the shuttle out, they will do so.

This new project sprouted from the addition of two part-time security officers to the staff this past summer. Sheehan said that a project like this has never been tried before due to a lack in equipment and people.

“The real focus of the use of the shuttle is parking,” Sheehan said. “If McInnis lots become full, as they often do, student and faculty travel on foot from Heritage lots is dangerous in snowy and icy weather.”

Sheehan said that this shuttle is only for commuters.

The Heritage lots are the only lots, besides the McInnis lots, for commuters to park.

The shuttle can hold up to five people per trip.

More commuter-friendly changes may be coming soon. Sheehan said that vice president of student development, Bettie Ann Brigham, has asked for initiative from campus services to build a path from the Heritage Lot to the sidewalk of North Campus Hall to make travel on foot easier.

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