If you could eat one desert for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Name: Emily Dewitt
Hall: Doane
Hometown: Seattle, Wa.
Major: Elementary Education

Answer: Ice Cream because I could still decide on the different flavors.

Name: Michele Cruz
Hall: Kea
Hometown: Collegeville, Pa.
Major: Communication Studies

Answer: Chocolate Ice cream and Fruit loops. It is delicious. I eat it twice a day, everyday.

Name: Caleb MacMain
Hall: Gough
Hometown: Westchester, Pa.
Major: Undecided, Looking at ROTC

Answer: My grandmother’s snickerdoodle cookies, with the cinnamon crust… it’s the most delicious cookie ever!

Name: Ben Melendez
Hall: Kea
Hometown: Patterson, N.J.
Major: Undecided

Answer: Lemon-flavored Italian Ice. I like how it melts in your mouth and how it tastes…

Name: Tyler Eckman
Hometown: New Holand, Pa.
Major: Biology

Answer: Aunt Carol’s chocolate cake.

Name: Logan McKenna
Hall: Doane
Hometown: Exeter, N.H.
Major: History

Answer: Chocolate cake because it’s delicious. It sticks to the roof of your mouth so you can taste it longer.

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