If you could date a Disney prince/princess, who would it be and why?

Name: Sean Bonner
Hall: Gough
Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
Major: Possibly Biokinetics

Answer: Snow white, so all her animals could come do my laundry.


Name: Tyler Ton
Hall: Sparrowk
Hometown: Vietnam
Major: Nursing

Answer: Belle because she is really smart and very determined. Very pretty- and she has a great voice.


Name: D. Brittany James
Hall: Gallup
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
Major: Business Management

Answer: Prince Naveen because he is my type.


Name: Gulia Voletto
Hall: Hainer
Hometown: Womelsdorf, Pa.
Major: Education

Answer: Cinderella’s Charming, because he is charming.


Name: Jon Frank
Hall: Sparrowk
Hometown: Branchburg, N.J.
Major: Accounting

Answer: Jasmine. I believe she has the nicest voice.


Name: Kameron Martin
Hall: Doane
Hometown: Harleysville, Pa.
Major: Undecided

Answer: Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) because my mom told me to say this.


Name: Tim Gebert
Hall: Eagle
Hometown: Colombus, Ohio
Major: Elementary Education

Answer: Jasmine. She has a pet tiger.


Name: Kelsea Smith
Hall: Eagle
Hometown: Jonesborough, Ark.
Major: Missions and Anthropology

Answer: Aladdin because he is a street boy: that is so appealing.


Name: Jalissa-Lynn Littlejohn
Hall: Hainer
Hometown: Williamstown, N.J.
Major: Elementary Education
Answer: Aladdin because I want to be like Jasmine. She has pretty eyes and I like that shirt she wears.


Name: Heidi Wood
Hall: Hanier
Hometown: Gettysburg, Pa.
Major: Nursing

Answer: The Beast because he was willing to overcome all his obstacles for love.


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