Have an idyllic naked chocolate experience

Are there any chocolate lovers out there?

Go ahead and make your way to 1317 Walnut Street in downtown Philly. You will be greeted with the warm pastel colors of the Naked Chocolate Café and your choice of seemingly endless chocolate edibles, homemade right there in the shop. Pull up a chair or relax on a couch. Whether it’s chocolate fondue, truffles, cupcakes or a chocolate drink you crave, the Naked Chocolate Café will not disappoint.

Upon walking in, I was overwhelmed with the feeling I had as a child when I walked into the candy shop. It is everything you could dream of and more: a sophisticated candy shop with unlimited possibilities for smooth chocolate to dance upon your tongue.

Be prepared for the glass case filled with chocolate delectables. The wide variety of treats may take a solid minute to fully examine. The café has a unique selection of teas, coffees and drinking chocolates, with sizes ranging from “Petit” to “We’ll Never Tell.”

In addition to the menu, the café offers a variety of chocolate gifts. Upon seeing the life-sized chocolate leg, A Christmas Story flashbacks overtook me, and I momentarily considered dropping the $75, weighing its possibility as a window decoration.

Is anyone wondering how the café got its racy name? According to one of the waitresses, the café received its name not just to catch everyone’s attention, but also because of the purity of the chocolate it serves.

Though elegant in style and delicious by nature, the Naked Chocolate Café’s desserts and drinks are reasonably priced.

Whether it’s the chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing for $2 or the personal chocolate fondue for $6.50, it’s safe to say that the experience is worth well more than what you pay.

When it comes to hot chocolate, the café offers not one but four delectable varieties to choose from. The drinks all start with melted chocolate, but they are seasoned differently. The “Aztec” hot chocolate features nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and the “Spicy” has hints of chili that give it “a kick of heat,” according to the menu. The “Bittersweet” can be described as a “deep chocolate experience,” and don’t forget the “Classic” with a blend of milk and dark chocolates.

Be careful as you search for the Naked Chocolate Café, as you might miss it. The café’s name is printed on the window and is easy to miss if you are notpaying close attention. Street parking is available but limited. Additional parking is available at a garage a block away on Locust Street.

There was only one slight disappointment: the service was not overly friendly.

It’s possible that the employees may have been new, but they did not seem well trained in customer service. The young man who served us spoke through muffled tones and seemed only slightly interested in his job.

Overall, the Naked Chocolate Café was a delicious treat that I would recommend for anyone who loves chocolate. The café is darling, its chocolates are plentiful and its quality is superior.

Make a reason to celebrate and head downtown; your inner chocolate lover will delight in your decision.

Where: 1317 Walnut Street, PhiladelphiaHours: Mon. – Sat. 10 a.m.-11 p.m.Sun. 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.Parking: $10-$15www.nakedchocolatecafe.com

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