Hard Pill to Swallow: The ranch chicken flatbread is better than the chicken caesar flatbread

Back in Jan. of 2021, Eastern opened their Starbucks affiliated coffee shop, Zime. Before the renovation, Zime was called, “Jammin Java.”  With the renovation, Zime put a significant emphasis on their drinks menu because it has Starbucks main menu and some of the specialty drinks. 

However, I am not going to talk about the drinks.  My focus will be on the changes Zime made on their food menu. Jammin Java has had many different food options like chicken fingers, turkey melts, gyros and most importantly, the ranch chicken wrap.  Since Zime’s opening, these menu items have been made extinct. 

The only menu item that Zime decided to keep on their menu was their most popular item, the easyriser.  However, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the easyriser since the switch.  

Some of Zime’s current menu items are a turkey club sandwich, easyriser, eggwhite and spinach sandwich and the chicken caesar flatbread. However, due to supply shortages, the chicken caesar flatbread is currently being served on a wrap. So, it is a chicken caesar wrap.

When I was first served the chicken caesar wrap, I was reminded of how much better the ranch chicken wrap was.  The ranch chicken wrap had so much more flavor.  It had lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing all in one. 

The chicken caesar flatbread (or wrap, depending on supply) only has caesar dressing and chicken.  This combination is so much more bland than the old ranch chicken wrap. 

Not only was there a more powerful flavor with the ranch chicken wrap, but it also had better chicken.  The chicken in the ranch chicken wrap was made with crispy chicken tenders.  Those chicken tenders were packed with so much flavor that each bite filled my stomach with joy. 

The chicken caesar flatbread, on the other hand, uses cubed grilled chicken. While don’t get me wrong, I love some good grilled chicken, but compared to the old crispy chicken, the grilled chicken is just not it.  It is very bland and packs little to no flavor punch. 

So, I think it is safe to assume that the ranch chicken wrap blows the chicken caesar flatbread out of the water.  The ranch chicken wrap packs so much more flavor in every bite.  When I eat the chicken caesar flatbread, I get bored of what I am eating. Everybite gets more and more bland and disappointing. 

I propose that Zime adds the ranch chicken wrap back to their menu.  It was one of Jammin Java’s more successful menu items, and most students miss it.  Or maybe even offer an option to at least lettuce and tomato to the caesar flatbread. 

Students at Eastern already struggle to find quality food options.  Instead of thinking of new things to introduce to the students, maybe go look back and see what was successful? Students loved the menu items like the chicken fingers, hash browns and obviously, the ranch chicken wrap. If Zime looks to add some of the old items, I think many students’ spirits would be lifted. 

But if I can leave you with one thought today and one thought only, I would tell you, the ranch chicken wrap blows the chicken caesar flatbread out of the park.

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