Most romantic Season: Deciding once and for all the most romantic time of the year.

What is the most romantic season? Fall, winter, spring or summer? I think it is safe to rule out spring and summer, but the race between fall and winter is tight. 

With fall activities being increasingly romantic, between apple picking, couples halloween costumes, and drive in movies, fall romances are at an all time high.

Despite these factors, the most romantic season of the year is hands down winter. With Christmas and Valentines day both taking place in Winter there really is no contest. 

Now full disclosure, my favorite way to show affection is through giving gifts, so Christmas is where I tend to shine romantically. Valentines day as well, I typically go all out when buying my boyfriend presents that are suitable for him and are representative of our relationship. 

I had a conversation with my roommate, Emma Best, recently when trying to determine the most romantic season, and she said something that really resonated with me. “Fall is for dating, winter is for relationships,” said Best. We realized that while fall may have all of the cutesy romantic dates, winter is where a relationship can flourish. 

There are more holidays in winter that can be romanticized. Halloween in fall may be ideal for couples costumes, but Thanksgiving is more of a family holiday, not a romantic one. All winter holidays are easily capable of being romanticized. 

Christmas presents the opportunity to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies, kissing underneath the mistletoe, buying each other presents, and unwrapping presents in pajamas on Christmas morning. 

New Years and New Years Eve are great for celebrating a midnight kiss with your significant other. Partying with friends or just with each other creates a connection unlike any other. 

Valentines day, despite being a holiday created solely to sell Hallmark cards, is arguably the most romantic holiday of all. In a holiday centered around love, the romance practically forms itself. 

Moral of the story, my soul basically belongs to the Hallmark company as they dominate the romantic season between their repetitive Christmas movies, novelty gifts, and Valentine’s money grabs. 

No matter the season, never feel afraid to show your partner some love, romance is year round when you have the right person.

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