Hard Pill to Swallow: Taylor Swift is not all that and a bag of chips.

As many people know, Taylor Swift has made a huge splash in the music community since  releasing updated versions of her songs. Many of her fans flocked to TikTok to record their reactions to the most anticipated song “All Too Well”, a song about one of her exes. I am not saying Taylor Swift is a bad artist. She has worked hard for her career and her music is good, however, she gets hype for creating the same type of music.

Sad love songs are a popular genre of music, I listen to them all the time, but there are many other artists out there who are better than her and deserve more hype. Swift creates the same type of songs about her exes and her breakups, which can get old very fast. I will give credit where credit is due, she is good but the hype she gets now is unwarranted. Her voice sounds like any other pop artist. There is nothing unique about it. She writes about the same things other artists write about.  She creates the same types of songs and her newest music is just old songs she sings now that her voice is more mature. Swift’s voice is good but there are many artists out there that have better voices who do not get any attention. Swift has been in the public eye for so long which makes it harder for less known artists to make an appearance.

Another thing about Swift’s music is that it calls out the people who have wronged her in the music industry. The most recent victim is the actor Jake Gyllenhall. It is great to get inspiration from real events that happen in your life, in fact many artists do, but for people to know exactly who they are does not sit right with me. It is okay for the people to guess and make speculations but for them to know exactly who the person is leaves me questioning Swift’s actions. Gyllenhall does deserve the push back he is getting because of the age gap between him and Swift while they were dating. However, that should be addressed in a different setting. It should not be addressed in a pop song. I think bashing exes and friendship while you are in the public eye is not a good thing. That goes for every artist as well. Her music makes it seem that she is misunderstood and a victim of the people who have wronged her. It is a one sided narrative in her music which is why it does not appeal to me. There are many other artists who create songs that give both sides of the stories, not just one.

Swift is an overrated singer who creates pop songs like every other artist. Swift is not as extraordinary as fans claim her to be. She sings just like any other sad girl artist. Her music sounds dull and can drag on for a bit especially in her newest two albums. Her vocals do not impress me compared to other popular artists like Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson or Adele. 

Grande has the most impressive vocals and she also has tried a wide range of different styles of music. Swift did make a shift from just country to becoming more of a pop artist, but has positioned herself in the sad girl genre.  It is fine to stick to one style or genre of music, but Swift does not have the skill to be up there with artists like Grande. 

OR even Clarkson, who has the vocal range the size of the Grand Canyon.  She can sing almost any style of music and knock it out of the park.  Adele fits into the sad girl genre, but she does it in a way that puts me in Adele’s shoes.  I can see and feel her pain.  Swift just makes me feel like I am watching her sad life unfold.  Nobody wants that.  I want to feel and experience her pain with her.  That is what sad girl music is for.  

So that haters are gonna hate hate hate, but i am just gonna express my true feelings and say that Swift is not as special as the world portrays her. 

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