How the Trump’s Stole Christmas: Melania Trump decorated the White House better than Jill Biden.

“Its the most wonderful time of the year,” sings Andy Williams.  Williams was in fact right.  Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year. It is a time for people to gather with their families, give each other gifts to brighten one anothers day, and remember the reason for the season. Christmas is a time to reflect on the good things the Lord has given us and read the story of Jesus’ birth.  This time of year is full of cheer, thankfulness, and for me, tons of family time. 

Recently, one very popular figure continued the cheer when she unveiled the Christmas decorations at the White House.  First Lady Jill Biden unveiled her Christmas decorations this year, and I have a few thoughts. Before I dive in, I will say, I appreciate her tribute to our fallen soldiers.  One of the trees in the White House is decorated with ornaments that have the names of fallen military members.  

According to Insider, her theme is called, “Gifts from the Heart.” The theme is supposed to reflect how each and every person can help each other out by spreading kindness.  Throughout the White House, there is an array of different decorations that resemble people coming together and putting our differences aside.   

However, her actual execution of the decorations was not so good.  Now, what I am about to say is probably going to make a few people upset, and you know what, I am okay with that. We are all allowed to have our own opinion, and you have the right to disagree with me. That is the beauty of America. 

Melania Trump decorated the White House better than Jill Biden.  There, I said it.  Jill’s decorations looked, well, normal.  Melania always brought some sort of fresh flavor and class.  In 2020, for Melania’s last Christmas in the White House, she decided to commemorate the essential workers, who worked so hard during the pandemic.  

She called it, “America the Beautiful.”  She filled the White House with Christmas trees, garlands, and a really fun White House replica made out of gingerbread.  The entire space was beautiful to take in.  She covered the trees in ornaments that resembled various essential workers.  It was classy, it was traditional, and it was “America the Beautiful.”

Waltonian | The Waltonian

Jill had an entrance made up of various sizes of red gift boxes.  This looked like something I would see outside of a Build-a-Bear Workshop during the holidays. Something that would appeal to children, not the entire country. 

Melania created a scene that was traditional, classy, and paid a tribute to the hard working Americans that kept the country afloat during the pandemic.  Jill tried to remind everyone to come together despite our differences, but carried it out like President Biden’s presidency. It did not quite “work.” 

Where Melania decorated the White House with classy, traditional, or more unique decorations, Jill chose what looked like something I would have made during Sunday school at church.  Insider reported that Jill filled the China room with wreaths. On each of these wreaths were hands that were supposed to resemble people coming together.  To me, this looked like a craft I did in the 5th grade at co-op. 

Melania filled the White House with Christmas trees that were sophisticated and reflected the American people.  She pulled off her last Christmas beautifully. As for Jill, let’s just say she has three more opportunities to try and match the bar Melania has set. 

Waltonian | The Waltonian

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