Habitat for Humanity: Building homes and building community.

As students on campus in the winter, there are many things we may take for granted, like having access to running water, electricity, heating, and a roof over our heads. For many people, getting through the winter is a struggle because, for them, these amenities and things we consider to be a part of our everyday lives are hard to afford.

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for others with the help of volunteers. Some of these volunteers are students at Eastern University, where Habitat for Humanity has its own student club. Freshman math major, Christopher Metheny, joined Habitat for Humanity after hearing about it from some of his friends who were interested in it at the club fair in the fall.

“I had heard about Habitat before, and it sounded like it could be a good time and something that I could be of use for since I’ve done Scouts and building things before,” Metheny said.

In a normal semester, students who want to be a part of Habitat for Humanity go out and help construct homes on Habitat’s build sites, building community with one another in the process, however this year, students on campus aren’t able to go off-campus to help out, leaving the club leaders to come up with ways to help the cause in the meantime.

“Last semester, we reached out to our local Senators … to ask them to notice Habitat to try and get more awareness and funds possible,” said Metheny.

Students in Habitat for Humanity have also been fundraising to give donations to homeless shelters until they are able to get back into building houses.

If you are interested in the cause behind Habitat for Humanity and are interested in helping out, but feel like you aren’t handy or skilled enough to help build a house for someone, Metheny emphasized that there’s room for everyone in Habitat.

“If you think you can’t build, it doesn’t matter. No matter where you come from, even in the beginning, there’s always a spot for you to help out in some way, shape or form, not just building up a house,” Metheny said.

So if you are interested in helping others stay warm this winter, consider checking out Habitat for Humanity and seeing how you can help!

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