Guys prefer girls with makeup

Do guys prefer girls with or without makeup? Can any girl look good if she is dolled up with makeup? Does true beauty comes when someone is attractive without all of the extra work, imperfections and all?

Yes and no.

Not many guys would complain if girls wore makeup a couple days out of the week. In fact, most would probably prefer it. Makeup is not a necessity, but when applied, it can enhance someone’s natural attractiveness. That’s my smart way of saying that makeup makes you look better, and no one will complain if you walk around looking better. But there is a such thing as too much of a good thing, and makeup is a perfect example.

With that being said, what a guy will complain about is if you look like a completely different person without your make up on. That’s not cool, not cool at all. That’s when wearing makeup can become a problem. We don’t mind if most days of the week you decide to put on makeup and look your best, but wearing it every day can become a problem. No one will ever know what you really look like.

For the record, most guys do take notice of girls who wear makeup every day and those who don’t. We tend to think that girls who wear it every day need to because they are not “all that great” without it. The girl who can take a day or two off and not wear makeup-and still look good-gets more respect than the girl with makeup everyday.

So do guys prefer girls with no makeup? Eh, not really. We just prefer the girl who is confident enough to rock out with no makeup a couple days a week.

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