Guns n’ paint: Eastern’s newest athletic club

SGA’s recent approval has given Eastern its very own paintball club thanks to the idea of sophomore Seth Thomas.

Thomas has been working since last year to get the club off the ground.

“Paintball is fun and anybody can come do it,” Thomas said. He is the president of Eastern’s new paintball club.

“You don’t have to be the most athletic person to enjoy a day of paintball.”

The club, which has advertised outside the Walton Dining Commons and via a Facebook group, has plans to take one more trip this semester.

“We will try and go off campus to play as a group probably once more this semester and then once a month next semester,” Thomas said.

The paintball group has already attracted a great deal of attention, as over 130 people, not just male, signed up for the club’s email list, according to sophomore James Dager.

“More than half who signed up are girls,” Dager said. “We have a wide range of people playing, from freshmen to seniors to even staff.”

Dager, secretary for the club, plans to continue his love for paintball into his future and is very excited about the club.

“I’m planning to open my own paintball business someday,” Dager said. “I want to keep updated with the hobby and with the students playing. It’s a great hobby.”

According to Thomas, an average day of paintballing costs about $60, which includes renting the equipment.

Next year, the club wants a budget in the hope of helping students who have trouble covering the costs of playing.

For students who have their own equipment, Thomas offers a warning.

“People aren’t supposed to bring guns on campus,” Thomas said. “So if you have your own equipment, you need to store it off campus.”

Dager also also hopes to break stereotypes about paintball, hoping that more people will give it a try.

“The big thing for people to overcome is that it’s scary or a very violent sport,” Dager said. “It’s safer than inline skating or skateboarding if you know what you’re doing. It’s a general misconception that you are going to get hurt.”

For more information about the club, email or join the Facebook group: Eastern University Paintball.

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