Greatest Snow on Earth falls in McInnis

A Winter Sort of Thing: The Greatest Snow on Earth took place on Jan. 24-27. A circus invaded the McInnis lobby, and snow fell in the auditorium. Music, laughter and the smell of popcorn were all around as guests awaited the start of the theatrical production.

When never-ending snow threatens to bury their town, six young people decide to go out on a quest to save the day. Along the way they encounter a peculiar school janitor, a villainous rock star, a donkey-wrestling cowgirl, a hypnotized Mother Nature and a whole lot of snow.

Laughter was rampant throughout the performance due to the clever dialogue, sticky situations and some wacky characters. Set against a backdrop of glittering snow and a make-believe winter wonderland, the play was lively and bursting with captivating music. The surprise twist ending capped off the show.

The production was presented by Yes! And… Collaborative Arts Imagination Programming, a non-profit organization partnering with Eastern. Yes! And… was founded by several Eastern alumni including the director Jake Miller, the playwright Brooke Sexton and the composer Sarah C. Butts. Today, Yes! And… is a playful and fun-loving educational company that brings kids and adults together to share their talents and learn how to excel in what they do.

Due to the integrated nature of the group, the cast consisted of both children and adults, working together to provide a charming performance. The ages of the performers ranged from under 10-years-old to in the 20s. Two of the co-villains were 10-year-old Shoshana Greenberg and 26-year-old Zack Stock. Their work side by side created a suspenseful conflict.

When asked about the inspiration for the story, Brooke Sexton accredited its formation to a collaborative effort from all the members of Yes! And…. She said that the piece started with the title and interest in incorporating a villain. Eventually the idea progressed into the entertaining comedy it is today.

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