Global Fusion colors the campus

Global Fusion is an annual cross cultural collision. On Friday, September 23, at 8:00 p.m. in Walton Hall, the Eastern Community came together to celebrate the cultural diversity on campus.

All who attended enjoyed a live band playing Latino music. Students loved the lively salsa dancing and delicious ethnic foods. The room was festively decorated with tables were filled with sushi, quesadillas, fried plantains, barbecued tofu and Indian chicken curry. In addition to the feast, there were opportunities to buy handmade jewelry designed by Whitney Clerisson.

The festival had a big, familial feel with bits and pieces of the cultures of people from Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, Vietnam, Zambia, India and Bolivia. Global Fusion was a great experience that made traveling easier. It brought the world to Eastern’s campus.

Sophomore Emily Scheihing agreed. She described Global Fusion as “a different experience on campus that is not the norm.”

When asked about his experience, junior Chris Ditrolio exclaimed, “Awesome! Five stars!”

Global Fusion is an important and enjoyable event, and hopefully even more people will attend in coming years.

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