Girls prefer bad boys

We’ve all heard it said that good girls like bad boys and that nice guys finish last. But is it true? Well, I regret to inform all you nice, quality men out there, but yes, it is often true. Many girls do fall or have fallen for the “bad boy” type. The good news is that girls often cease to be mesmerized with bad boys when they realize that, deep down, they’d rather have someone honest and dependable at their side than that rebellious, unpredictable guy with the cool motorcycle. But for the guy who is wondering what a girl could ever see in bad boy, here are a few reasons why Mesmerized Mary is attracted to Motorcycle Mike:

1. Bad boys are exciting. And women like excitement. We like spontaneity. Bad boys never seem to have a plan. They follow their hearts with reckless abandon, and spending time with them is like being whisked away on an adventure.

2. Bad boys are independent. And independence is attractive. Women want led. No matter how much we may deny it, it’s true. We want someone to lead and we want to choose to follow. This is why characters like Edward Cullen from the Twilight series are so popular. Most girls have an inner Bella who just wants to run around with a Vampire for a while.

3. Bad boys have the power.

A lot of the time, the person who has the most power in a relationship is the person who cares the least. Bad boys generally don’t give a shrimp and that just makes girls try even harder to get noticed by them.

4. We can change them! Women like projects, and guys with troubled pasts and attitude problems give us something to fix. Maybe if we just cuddle them enough they will get past their daddy-issues and the frost around those hearts of gold will finally melt-just for us!

Now, of course, not every girl falls for the bad boy type, and not every Motorcycle Mike is bad news. But to the disappointed admirers of Mesmerized Mary, don’t despair! Almost all good girls eventually realize that what they are really looking for is a good boy. Give it time, and meanwhile learn what you can from the bad boys. Practice your leadership skills and spontaneity! Those qualities might be just what she’s looking for.

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