Getting physical with alcohol

A common saying goes, “You know you have a problem with drinking when drinking is causing you problems,” and Diane Moore of CCAS completely agrees with this statement. “It’s dangerous to be ignorant about this issue,” Moore said.

Alcohol can have a very negative effect on one’s life. Here are some basic facts that students should know (based off an audiotape script from the University of Texas):

–It tends to make females more silly and tired and males more aggressive and boisterous.

–“Some people drink to relieve their tense, uncomfortable feelings with another person or group of people. If this is the only way they can be comfortable around others, they are in danger of creating a dependency for themselves.”

–“Another drinking stimulus is anger. Instead of dealing with the angry feelings directly, drinking is substituted.”

–“Currently, in most states, a blood alcohol level of .08% is considered under the influence for driving purposes. What you need to know is that even a level of .02% can significantly impair a driver’s ability.”

–“Drinking while you’re tense may affect the speed at which you drink. Relaxing may help you slow down your drinking.”

–Females tend to be lighter in weight and “have a higher likelihood of getting intoxicated.”

— Also females have less alcohol dehydrogenase in their bodies, an enzyme that helps metabolize alcohol via the liver, thus increasing a female’s potential for alcohol intoxication.

–The liver takes about one hour to metabolize one ounce of alcohol. People who drink a lot develop liver problems because their livers work so hard to rid their bodies of the alcohol.

The same script from the University emphasized that each individual must make a decision to drink an alcoholic beverage without succumbing to the pressure of others. “Learn to say ‘no’ to those who push you into drinking more than you should,” it said.

According to Moore, having a sense of what others think is helpful. One question she suggests that an individual answers is: Are you behaving in a way which would gain respect from an underclassman you saw the next day or not?

“You need to be able to say, ‘I don’t need to drink, and I’m okay with that,'” Moore said.

She said she is not hesitant to “throw the God card in there”, because it is essential to not only your college career but your walk with God as you decide how drinking fits into your life.

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