Get your groove on with the Underground Music Collective

What kind of music do you like? Where do you find out about new music? Would you be interested in finding out about local concerts throughout the Philadelphia area? Do you like to just hang out and have a good time?

The Underground Music Collective is a group that meets on Tuesday nights in the Jammin’ Java at 7 p.m. They are a laid-back group that listens to various bands, usually those that are not mainstream. They share mixed CDs with one another. They talk about upcoming albums, concerts, and reminisce about bands of the past.

“Mostly we have a lot of fun,” said senior April Hurd. Their meetings are not just a way to introduce new music but a place to just come out and have a good time. Their goal is to talk about what they love, which is music. They talk about everything from the craze over Soldier Boy to how cheap they have found an MC Hammer CD.

When asked why they meet every week, even though they don’t always have news about upcoming concerts or albums, Hurd replied, “We’re friends, that’s enough material for every meeting.”

As friends, they do like to attend concerts together. They arrange rides for people who want to see them. They have gone to see December, Death Cab for Cutie and Me Without You.

In addition to attending concerts, they try to get bands to play at Eastern. The first concert that they put on this semester was on Oct. 26, and featured Saxon Shore, and Stephen Hoffman.

This club is a great way to find out about local concerts, talk about upcoming albums, expand your taste in music and have a great time.

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