French Film Festival Debuted in Marc

Venez et goûtez la culture française à travers des films francais! “Come and have a taste of French culture through film,” Dr. Anne François said. As head of the French department at Eastern, François applied for and received a grant from the French American Cultural exchange to make the French Film Festival possible. “It’s going to be very entertaining and related to themes of friendship, loss, social issues and spirituality,” François said. Susan Gibble, TA and French minor at Eastern, helped to advertise and organize the festival.

Loaded with passion, mystery and humor, the film festival is a must see, especially to help brush up on that high school French you had to take, or to be absorbed in such a rich culture with people who love it too.

The film festival is free for everyone and is comprised of five films, three of which were shown in March and the last two showing on April 8 and April 15 in Gough Great Room, starting promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Worried that you won’t be able to understand? Every film accommodates its not so “French savvy” audience with the use of English subtitles. You are assured to get just as much of the Un petit quelque chose (little something something) as the fluent French speaker beside you.

While there, you may meet interesting people from Francophone countries like Congo, Haiti, France and Belgium among others. Luiza Jakli-Stanton, a Georgian woman, was at the first film entitled, Depuis qu’Otar est Parti.

“I took the film very personally and thought it was really well done,” Jakli-Stanton said.

Since not all of the films were filmed in France, some incorporate the language and customs of the country in which they were filmed.

So come out, get your friends and family together, brush up on the French you forgot and enjoy the First Francophone Film Festival here at Eastern. Au revoir … See you there!

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