Former SGA prez Robin Weinstein may run for U.S. Congress in NJ

The former Eastern SGA president responsible for the wind energy program has taken the first steps toward running for a U.S. Representative position in southern New Jersey.

Robin Weinstein, who graduated from Eastern in 2003 and from Palmer Theological Seminary (formerly Eastern Baptist) in 2005, has formed an exploratory committee for the state’s 2nd congressional district, he confirmed to the Waltonian. The district includes Cape May and Atlantic City.

The seat he is running for, as a Democrat, is currently held by Frank LoBiondo, a Republican who has no known plans to step down. LoBiondo will have held the office for 12 years.

Weinstein had an eventful term as SGA president, during the 2002-03 school year. At the time when the Iraq war broke out in 2003, the SGA debated a resolution to condemn the use of American force, eventually defeating the measure.

Controversy also erupted in 2002 when the Sustainable Peace Initiative proposed an SGA resolution supporting full wind energy use by the University. It passed, and Weinstein brokered a deal with the administration that turned Eastern into a leader in the field.

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