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For the record

Jordan Schmalhofer

“I think that it should be accepted as a club because everyone is entitled to be who they are. If Eastern rejects this club, it won’t look good on their part.”

Brittany Foster

“I agree that Refuge should become a club. It is a good idea to get the issue out there and to make sure students are aware. At this school, it is all about faith, reason and justice, and to reject the club wouldn’t represent our motto.”

Joseph Fuller

“I don’t approve of this becoming a club because there are several wonderful counseling opportunities at Eastern. There may be more problems if this actually becomes a club. This is a counseling issue.”                


Hailey Cunningham

“I believe we need something like this club to hear what they are going through. But I don’t believe that the Bible says homosexuality is right. We shouldn’t support but we should love and give them justice.”

Karim McKenney

“I am in the middle on this subject. I can say that these individuals do need a place to talk without judgment.”

Allison Ledbetter

“I believe that it should become a club  because everyone deserves a place where they can be themselves.”


Alexander Younger

“If the club offers a place where homosexuals can feel welcomed, without promoting or rejecting their lifestyle, then it is a good thing.”


Heather Duffield

“I think that Refuge should become a club because it is good for people to discuss these issues.”


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