For the record


Jeff Stoltzfus

“Last year at Penn State, I saw these guys who were dressed normally, except with real stuffed deer heads attached to their chests.  It looked like the deer were coming out of their bodies.  They were pulling another guy, dressed up like Santa Claus, behind them in one of those Playskool wagons.”


Dani Bailey

“My friend’s dad would emerge from the bushes with his chainsaw going, blood dripping down his face, and chase the kids in the neighborhood who were trying to trick-or-treat at the house. “


Holly Zweiacher

“It’s always the clowns… killer clowns with blood dripping down their faces.”


Karim McKenney

“My sophomore year, there were three people dressed as Warlocks. They walked around campus together at the exact same pace, wearing dark clothes with hoods over their heads.”

Information and pictures compiled by Brittany Petrillo

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