First dates are ‘make-it-or-break-it

To men seeking a lasting relationship, listen up! The first date can make or break any relationship. Here are five easy things that you can do on a first date that will really impress your lady.

1). Open the door for her/pull out her chair: Contrary to popular belief, chivalry is not dead! Women love it when men show the values of old-school dating. We don’t think it’s lame; we find it endearing.

2). DO NOT TEXT: Do not, for any reason, text or make phone calls during your first date. First, it’s just plain rude. Second, it makes women feel like men are bored with them, or they have another lady on the side. If whoever you’re texting is really that important, excuse yourself from the table and give them a call, or just wait until the date is over to talk to them. I suspect that it can wait.

3). Don’t let her pay: Even if she offers to go Dutch, be adamant about paying for her. Tell her that you’re the one taking her out, and you want to pay for her. Most women find it really sweet when a guy pays the bill, but some women can be pushy about it. If she’s still nagging you about paying half, let her cover the tip.

4). PDA: Public Displays of Affections are a touchy subject, so be careful not to go too far on a first date. Judging by how the date is panning out, small touches should be safe, i.e. holding her hand while you’re walking or driving. Kissing on the first date is also iffy. Some girls are okay with it while others are not. My advice: Go with your discretion. If the date’s going really well, give her a kiss good night. Otherwise, save it for the second date. Which brings us to:

5). Walk her to her front door: End the date like any cheesy chick-flick date would: Walk her to her door and say good night. Tell her you had a great time and you would like to see her again. Now is the time to make a second date! If you’ve done these few simple steps, I’m positive she’ll agree to go out with you again.

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