Finding a Career in Sports: Sarah Todd and Sabrina Thomas offer insight.

In the world of sports, there are a variety of jobs and responsibilities that go beyond playing the game. While coaches, athletes, and trainers can obviously have a career in sports, there are a number of career paths that one can have while still being a part of the sports arena.

Eastern alumni Sabrina Thomas (‘20) is currently pursuing her Masters in Sports Business at Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management. Thomas played softball as an Eagle for three years and did her capstone project on the representation of women in sports media. While pursuing her education Thomas has made strides in creating connections and has made a headstart in her job hunt as a woman in sports.

Thomas says that creating connections is the most important step in being successful in the world of sports. She recommends creating and refining an account on LinkedIn, a social media site that is geared towards the professional world. On LinkedIn, members can follow their favorite sports teams to get updates on job opportunities for that specific team or sport.

Thomas also recommends reaching out to people in jobs that one aspires to have. “It’s more than just reaching out to these people on LinkedIn and hoping for the best. You need to message these people and follow up.” She also talked about doing informational interviews. “You’re not necessarily asking for a job, but you’re putting your foot in the door.”

Sarah Todd, director of Eastern’s career center, also had plenty to say about pursuing a career in sports. Todd explained that many teams host career nights for college students to network and learn more about the field. While these nights would have been in-person pre-COVID, most of them have become virtual.

Todd also recommends joining on-campus athletic organizations while still pursuing one’s degree. Between writing opportunities for the Waltonian, interning for the Athletics Department, or helping a team with game day activities, there are a large number of on-campus opportunities that she recommends for students.

Another great resource Todd recommends for a career in sports is TeamWork. TeamWork is a website that professional sports teams use to post job and internship opportunities for those interested in the field. It is free to use and they often send updates to job seekers via email.

Of course, Todd’s office is always available for career advice. Todd and her team are ready to help Eastern students get the career of their dreams. Whether it is refereeing a local youth soccer game or doing accounts payable for an NFL team, there are plenty of opportunities to work in the world of sports.

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