Also known as “yarn graffiti” and “grandma graffiti.” Yarnbombing has recently gained popularity as a warm and fuzzy form of vandalism.

Yarnbombing occurs when “vandals” surreptitiously wrap public places or objects in yarn.

The practice is said to have originated in Houston, Texas and has gained popularity around the country since 2005, recently attracting media coverage on the East Coast.

Yarnbombers have “tagged” everything from bicycles and busses to large statues. Popular items to yarnbomb are telephone poles, signs and trees.

Knit graffiti is considered less permanent and damaging than other forms of vandalism since the yarn can be easily cut away and removed. However, most yarn creations remain in place for awhile—up to four years. It has also been deemed a more “feminine” form of graffiti. Check out pictures of this fun art form at https://www.facebook.com/yarnbombing.

Source: http://yarnbombing.com/ 

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