euTube uploaded on trial-basis

Members of the Multimedia Team are hard at work developing a new media Web site for the Eastern community. This site, tentatively called euMedia, will have different sections for videos, music, podcasts and photography.

Once the site is launched, faculty, students and staff will be invited to upload content. As a preview of this media site, the team has just launched euTube, a new beta site for videos.

Students are invited to upload any and all videos from their Eastern experience, from mission trips and performances to dorm room get-togethers. All videos will be previewed and approved before going on the site.

Requests for all types of Eastern media have increased in the past two years, as the University’s Web site has “taken a major jump up,” according to Quincy Adam, director of multimedia services. The concept for this site came from a need to gather and provide access to this content.

With the new beta site, at, users will be able to log in to a server that is “similar to YouTube,” with the ability to make comments and embed videos on other Web sites. The site will feature a wide range of content including academic material, athletic highlights and videos of speakers who come to Eastern.

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