ESLI program welcomes international students

Eastern has started an English as a Second Language International program this fall for students of different nationalities. This is a course for international students who are not only learning English, but who also want to have cultural experience and relations with natives.

Eastern has had a good start to the program with students from different nations such as Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand. Seven students are participating in the program this fall, and two more students will join the group later in the semester.

The goal of the program is to ease international students into Eastern’s curriculum. Therefore, students can study at Eastern’s undergraduate and graduate schools after they finish the ESLI course.

Moonki Kang, who comes from Korea, is satisfied with this program and campus life at Eastern. He already graduated from a college in Korea and wants to earn a master’s of business administration degree.

“My parents are glad that I can study in a Christian environment,” Kang said. “They have confidence in Eastern.”

Kien Dao from Vietnam is also studying English to take an MBA course at Eastern.

“I enjoy being at Eastern because it has a beautiful campus,” Dao said. He also feels that people are welcoming on campus.

Heledona Katro is a director of ESLI, and she also interacts with students as a teacher in the classroom. She mentioned that Eastern is located in an optimal place, being the only school that has this program in the Northeast.

“I am so glad that Eastern has the ESLI program,” Katro said. “I hope it grows fast, and I expect that the number of students will double by January of next year.”

If you see international students on campus, say hello and talk to them. It will encourage them and help them adjust to Eastern.

To find more information about ESLI, visit the Web site at or contact Heledona Katro at

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