Entertainment options for the summer abound: how to spend the days?

Summer has begun, and you are searching for valuable means by which to fill your time. Whether you work a full time job or sit at home and do nothing, make sure you take one day off this summer.

These activities could be used for your enjoyment.

The following could take place between 12 a.m. and 11 p.m. during the summer. All events could occur in real time.

As the clock begins to tick, you find yourself rushing to see the midnight showing of one of the upcoming blockbusters.

First, don’t miss the conclusion to the highly acclaimed Spiderman series, as Spiderman 3 opens May 5. Everyone’s favorite ogre returns in Shrek the Third, due in theaters May 18. The third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, At World’s End, hits the theaters May 25.

For all of the horror fans out there, Hostel: Part II will be released June 8, along with the third part in the series about major theft and trickery, Oceans 13. For those of you seeking a few hours of an action-packed movie, Bruce Willis returns on June 27 in Live Free or Die Hard.

Finally, the cartoon family of the past 15 years makes its debut on the big screen with The Simpsons Movie opening July 27.

When you get out of your movie in the early hours of the morning, if it just happens to be July 21, why not head over to the nearest book retailer for the release of the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Read the conclusion to JK Rowling’s series that has captivated both American and European youth and adults for the past seven years.

After waiting in line for several hours to get your copy of the book, you may have just enough time to drive to the beach to catch the sunrise from the boardwalk.

If you choose the Jersey shore, you have several options. Ocean City offers a large boardwalk with numerous eateries, as well as gift shops and amusement rides. Mack and Mancos is a great place for a slice of pizza. If you decide to head to Ocean Grove, you can spend the night of June 5 listening to Hillsong.

If an entire day at the beach and on the boardwalk is not for you, then you can return to the Philadelphia region for the afternoon where there are numerous activities for you to enjoy.

The King Tut Exhibit is currently on display at the Franklin Institute. Tickets are going fast, but the exhibit lasts all summer long. After the exhibit, a trip to Pat’s Steaks is always an option, helping to refuel your system after a busy day.

After dinner, why not head to a Phillies game? College nights, when tickets are discounted for all college students, run throughout the summer.

For those who find no thrill in watching grown men hit a ball, there are several concerts to check out at Penn’s Landing and the Festival Pier. Breaking Benjamin will be visiting the Pier on June 1 at 7 p.m., and there will be a gospel celebration on June 8.

Whether you choose a ballgame, a night on the boardwalk or a concert at the pier, a few hours remain before the conclusion of this marathon day. This is plenty of time for the joys of Rita’s water ice or Cold Stone ice cream to cap off.

The clock winds down, and you find that you have just spent the last 23 hours doing more activities than you have done in all of your previous summers combined. What a feeling!

The options are yours. This summer, will you be working and sitting on the couch? Or will you enjoy doing things that re-create you?

Choose wisely.

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