Educators are entertainers at faculty talent show

Students were treated to a hilarious, fun-filled evening at the faculty talent show, held March 19 in the McInnis auditorium.

“Anything that is said here tonight is not the responsibility of the university,” warned host Dr. Joe Modica in his opening remarks.

The first act of the evening starred Dr. John Stapleford and Dr. Julie Morgan in the Abbott and Costello act, Who’s On First?

Next Dr. Maria Fichera, sang Tomorrow as Little Orphan Annie, complete with the trademark red dress and a stuffed dog and a very big, curly red wig.

Dr. Wendy Mercier, dressed in an old bridesmaid’s dress, followed with a stand-up comedy act. After a number of jokes about Viagra and seran-wrap underwear, she finished by playing Wild Thing on the clarinet, accompanied by the vocal stylings of Dr. Walt Huddell, who gave an all too accurate impression of Napoleon Dynamite.

Following the stunning duet, Huddell performed the Napoleon Dynamite dance to a very enthusiastic crowd.

Dr. Stephen Gatlin and students from his Beatles’ capstone course performed And I Love Her (before which one excited audience member exclaimed “Gatlin’s hot!”) and Here, There and Everywhere.

Dr. Drick Boyd sang and played two songs on guitar, The Kindergarten Wall by John McCutcheon and Angel by Sarah McLachlan.

Drs. Christina Jackson, Joselli Deans, Karen Clemente and professor Landi Turner topped off the evening with a skit. Each professor parodied her own personal style of dance.

The first faculty talent show, held in 2003, was the brain child of Dr. Kathy Lee, who was unable to co-host with Modica this year because of illness.

“It’s fun for the faculty to come together and do something other than business. It makes me grateful for my colleagues,” Lee said.

According to Modica, it is held to build community and to allow students to see professors in a different light.

The students also seem to enjoy the change of pace.

“It’s great that they felt comfortable enough to make fools of themselves,” junior John Chaffe said.

Through donations the show was able to raise over $200 in for Habitat for Humanity Asia, which will go toward tsunami relief.

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