Eastern Katrina fundraising misses goals

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the South, University Chaplain Joe Modica challenged the Eastern community in conjunction with the Campolo College for Graduate and School for Professional Studies to raise $10,000 to assist in the relief effort for that area. During chapel on September 28, Modica announced that a total of $3,611.82 has been raised.

“I think it was a lofty goal and I am not surprised that we did not reach it,” junior Josh Meyer said. “But I am disappointed in how far from actually reaching it we were.”

Modica added that they are looking for creative opportunities to connect Eastern’s students to the actual areas that have been devastated to help in a tangible way.

There will not be any more fundraisers sponsored by the university, but money will still be accepted. At this point, the next phase of the relief effort is unfolding.

When one group of students found out that the goal of $10,000 had not been reached, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Seniors Dan Smith and Hope Rousch, along with juniors Bryan Long and Meyer, want to put together a benefit concert to raise the rest of the money needed to meet the goal. They plan to use the connections that Eastern’s faculty and administration have to different bands. Additional information is not available because this is still in its planning stages.

Mimi Van Bueren, receptionist by the Jammin’ Java, decided to raise money as well.

“When I heard about this, I thought it would be a nice thing to make a collection,” said Van Bueren.

Van Bueren placed a jar at the Jammin’ Java for people to drop their spare change into. Van Bueren collected around $200 in three weeks. The money was then given to Modica to be added to the total monies that the university received to be donated to the various relief funds.

SGA President Adam Brittin asked each of the clubs to donate 10 percent of their funds to the relief effort. Roughly $1,200-1,300 has been raised from 25 percent of the clubs. SGA is still in the process of contacting all of the campus clubs.

The bookstore has also been doing its own fundraiser. Nationally, Follett-owned campus bookstores have raised over $190,000 as of September 28, and donations are still coming. Follett raised more in this fundraiser than they did for the tsunami in December. Individual stores will receive statistics on how much they actually raised after October 15 when the fundraiser is over.

“I would like to thank everyone who contributed,” Cliff Ewert, of Follett, said.

The money brought in by the school will be donated to the Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army, World Vision and Habitat for Humanity. The money raised by Follett will be donated to The American Red Cross.

“I, the SGA and Joe Modica are thankful for what has been donated and appreciate the efforts that have gone into the donations. Continued prayers are with the victims,” said Brittin.

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