Eastern in love…

“Ring by spring” is a common phase at Eastern, especially when it comes to senior couples on the verge of graduation. In addition to those who are engaged, there are plenty of dating couples around campus whose romantic stories deserve to be told. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we decided to interview some of these couples. So grab your tissue box and settle yourself in for some beautiful love stories.


Amanda Bethel and Tevin Sharkey are a sophomore couple who have been together since February 14, 2011. Tevin (from Philadelphia) met Amanda (from Priest River, Idaho) in Eastern’s dining commons while working for Sodexo. After a little time, the pair started dating.

“Both our parents knew we were ‘meant to be’ just by looking at us when we skyped or talked about each other,” Tevin said.

One day during the 2011 spring semester, Tevin wanted to show his lady how much he cared about her. So, with the help of his roommate Evan Kratz, he enlisted the Angels of Harmony to help him with his plan. While Amanda sat in the dinning commons eating, Tevin signaled the group over to her table and they burst out in song. With Amanda completely surprised, the Angels and Tevin serenaded her with The Beatle’s “Eight Days a Week.”

Everyone deserves someone as sweet as Tevin!


Chris Reinford and Chelsea Duty, both seniors, have been together for 7 years! The pair is from the same town near Lancaster where they grew up together, truly earning the title “high school sweethearts.”

Chris knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Chelsea, but proposing took a long time, and a lot of planning.

“I knew that, if anyone Chelsea was close to had any idea that I was going to propose, she would find out about it,” Chris said.

So, he bought the engagement ring in November 2010 and held onto it for a whole year, waiting for exactly the right moment.

Chris proposed to Chelsea on their seven-year “lucky” anniversary, November 11, 2011 (11/11/11). He told Chelsea to dress up to go out to dinner, but instead of going straight to the restaurant, he took her to West Fairmount Park. With the Philadelphia skyline as a backdrop, Chris proposed to the love of his life.

The pair will be getting married on October 6, 2012, in the church they grew up in.

With careers as an elementary school teacher and youth pastor and a passion for kids and teens, the couple cannot wait to find out what God has planned for their future as each other’s “permanent Valentines”.


Seniors Tyler Hoagland and Meri White have been together for two and a half years. When the couple met, they were both involved in other relationships. As their freshmen year went on, their previous relationships ended, and Tyler and Meri started spending more time together, their relationship blossoming until they realized that they had fallen for each other

during this year’s fall free days, Tyler accompanied Meri to Lake Erie where she grew up. A few days earlier, Tyler had given Meri a card for their two-year anniversary, and one for each of the two “month-a-versaries” following that. And now, standing on the shore of Erie, Tyler presented her with yet another card.

Confused, Meri said, “It’s not our anniversary, is it?”

Tyler simply replied, “Not yet,” got down on one knee, and presented Meri with a ring.

The couple’s wedding will take place in Erie. While Tyler is pursuing seminary, Meri hopes to find a job in youth ministry. At this moment, as Tyler put it, they are “taking the rest as it comes.”

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